Magazine Articles

Diesel Era July/Aug 1990 Southern/NS Wood Chip Cars, Part 1, p.40
Diesel Era Sept/Oct 1990 Southern/NS Wood Chip Cars, Part 2, p.38
Diesel Era May/Jun 1994 A 1960's Dixie Photo Album, p.22  two photos
EMD's GP18 Oct-92 By Diesel Era
Mainline Modeler Jun-90 Norfolk Southern Painting Guide - gray scheme from the 1960's , p.48
Model Railroader Jul-63 Blue Book of Model RR Practice 94: L&HR RS3, NS Baldwin paint colors, p.52
Model Railroader Jun-74 South Durham on the Norfolk Southern: a yard you can model, p.54
Model Railroader Nov-83 Paint Shop: PRR cabooses of the 50's; NS covered hopper; WAB hopper , p.138
Model Railroader Aug-88 Freight Cars of the Fifties: 1932 AAR 40-Foot Boxcars , p.38
Model Railroader Jan-90 The Beaufort & Morehead: "Route of the Jets" 10x12 ctr op
Model Railroader May-94 Ask Paint Shop: Norfolk Southern diesels
Model Railroading Aug-88 Index of "Freight Cars of the Fifties" Articles, page 40 Link here
Model Railroad Planning 2011 "Building a living-room layout" based on Farmville, NC area, page 8. Link here
NMRA Bulletin Aug-80 Norfolk Southern Yard, p.42
NRHS Bulletin Vol. 48, #2, 1983 Rail Cars to Tidewater, The Norfolk Southern Railbus Story
Railfan & Railroad Jan-95 Aberdeen, Carolina & Western
Railfan & Railroad May-95 The Railroads of Durham
Railfan & Railroad Aug-96 NSR: The Final Days
Railfan & Railroad Jun-97 The North Carolina Ports Railway (Beaufort & Morehead)
Railroad Car Journal Spring 1972 Norfolk Southern Hopper 17199
Railroad Car Journal Summer 1972 Norfolk Southern Caboose 361 and 389
Railroad Magazine Nov-40 Engines
Railroad Magazine Nov-48 Photographer Gwaltney’s son William, ill at home, uses Railroad Magazine and a Virginia railroad map to prove a point of railroaders’ geography to his visiting teacher, with special reference to the “potato run” of Norfolk Southern 604’ (2 photos) – p 128
Railroad Model Craftsman Oct-65 The "other" Norfolk Southern, p.44 Scenery Blacksmith Shop
Railroad Model Craftsman Feb-66 N&S Yard Office, p.36
Railroad Model Craftsman Mar-73 Modeling the EMD GP38/GP39, p.34
Railroad Modeler Sep-75 Know your diesel: The EMD GP38 , p.28
Short & Narrow Rails #19 Norfolk & Southern, 1894, p.24
Trackside Vol. 1, #4, 1990 Wiley M. Bryan photo, page 35, 70 Tonners on New Bern bridge.
Trackside Vol. 2, #1, 1990 Jeremy F. Plant photo, page 27 from April 1973
TRAINS Apr-42 Tobacco-Belt Road, p.30
TRAINS Aug-47 Norfolk Southern's lone passenger train from Norfolk to Raleigh pulls out of Norfolk behind Ten-wheeler 110.
TRAINS Nov-47 Norfolk Southern's erstwhile mixed run between Aberdeen and Pinehurst, N. C., carried Pullman cars1 but no coaches. Notice how the rail line undulates with the ground. The train is headed downhill to Seaboard connections at Aberdeen.
TRAINS Apr-49 Norfolk Southern steam power lines up before the camera at the road's Carolina Junction shops at South Norfolk, Va. NS's neat 2-8-0's and 4-6-0's are headed for the scrap merchant as diesels take over. 
TRAINS Jan-51 Norfolk Southern
TRAINS Dec-53 In a scene dated by the Norfolk Southern rail bus in the background, Ten Wheeler 202, one of four TA-class 4-6-0's built by Alco in 1907 stands in the Norfolk station.
TRAINS Feb-60 NEW 24-hour l.c.l. service between Norfolk and Charlotte, N. C., 383.3 miles, is effectively blurbed by Norfolk Southern on freshly painted box cars with Tarwheel slogan
TRAINS Jan-61 A GRIN and a friendly wave come from the engineer as his two 1500 h.p. Baldwin units, trailing 55 cars, lead eastbound Norfolk Southern freight 64 past Photographer Lamb's camera and out of Raleigh, N. C.
TRAINS Nov-61 BACK in early 1940 Baldwin delivered five small 2-8-4's to Norfolk Southern, a fact which would ordinarily be of little more than regional interest. But some of NS's 600's wound up in private ownership in Mexico. Finally diesels caught up with them there, and in October 1958 the last three - NdeM 3350, 3351, and 3354 - were set aside for scrap. Now the news is that Aguascalientes Shops overhauled all three. Here's 3351 on February 12, 1961!
TRAINS Apr-62 Next page: Ex Norfolk Southern UR-1 2-8-4 3351 rides high in Aguascalientes Shop after removal from storage for overhaul in January 1961.
TRAINS Feb-66 Photo: IDLER axles of Norfolk Southern AlA-AlA road-switcher 1504 (above) apparently weren't needed by buyer Durham & Southern, which renumbered converted B-B to 363 (below) after sale.
TRAINS Sep-67 IN the piney-woods terrain of North Carolina in August 1965, a Norfolk Southern local freight shoves a cut into the Seaboard Air Line interchange track at Aberdeen. The Electro-Motive low-nose GP18 on the point -No. 7-is obviously ages younger than the elderly caboose at the left.
TRAINS Oct-67 Everything is so different today,  Norfolk Southern 4-6-0 on passenger train at Norfolk, p.18
TRAINS Sep-84 The Bantamweight Berkshire , p.52   Norfolk Southern's 2-8-4


Baldwin Diesels, Vol. 2
Former Railfan & RR Magazine editor Jim Boyd continues his thorough examination of railroads H to P and the Baldwins they owned. Many rare photos and much new information. Chapter on the NS.
Building a Town: Wendell, NC
by George S. Pleasants, Donning Co Pub; 2003. Has articles and pictures of decades involving the Norfolk Southern.
Classic Diesels of the South - A Railfan's Odyessy
Hardcopy, 118 pages, by J. Parker Lamb. TLC Publishing
Edenton, An Architectural Portrait
Arrival of the Railroad section. by Thomas R. Butchko & The Edenton Woman's Club
Extra South, 2nd Ed.
Norfolk Southern Berkshires, Condensed Giants by H. Reid
Locomotive Quarterly
Winter, 1998
Norfolk Southern, CB&Q 4-8-4s, Staten Island. Metaphor Publishing
Norfolk Southern
Old Dominion Line and Connections by Richard E. Prince
Norfolk Southern Color Pictorial 1950s-1970s
By Dalton P. "Billy" McDonald, 132 pages.
Norfolk Southern Railway Special Caboose Edition
44 Page Color book with a few B&W photos, 40 pages with photos. Modeling Detail Information on the Norfolk Southern caboose models that have been produced and any future models and parts that are in the works. Detail measurements on some of these Norfolk Southern cabooses. A good reference book for the difference paint schemes and style of lettering used on different numbers of Norfolk Southern 300 series cabooses. By Michael Heonis - ECR. Book Cover Photo
The Original Norfolk Southern Railway 1883-1974
By Robert C. Reisweber and Dalton P. "Billy" McDonald, Garrigues House Publishers
Pullman-Standard Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
By James Kincaid. Page 70, NS PS-2 2929 cuft.covered hopper NS 5001 - Unique with 2 red NS letters. Published by Morning Sun Books.
Railroading in the Carolina Sandhills: Volume 1 & 2
1985, 1987
Sections on the N&S and associated roads & predeccesors. By S. David Carriker
Additional Volumes sold here:
Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks
An introduction to Layout Design Elements by Tony Koester. Page 39, pulpwood cars in 1973. Published by Kalmbach Books.
Realistic Model Railroad Operation
How to run your trains like the real thing by Tony Koester. Page 48, crew unloads lumber from boxcar at D&S Varina depot. Published by Kalmbach Books.
Steel Rails Across East Carolina
by Dale W. Diacont, Blackwill Publishing, 2014, 128pp. "Steel Rails Across East Carolina is a leisurely excursion aboard those railroads found east of US Route One. The story is told from the viewpoint of a career railroader who has worked on many of the lines that are featured. Whether you figure your tonnage with the engineer of a grain train, put Amtrak back on the track, or work on a Baldwin diesel in a shop, you will get your hands dirty. "Like the author's first book (Yesterday's Trains: Across the Commonwealth), Steel Rail Across East Carolina features a horizontal format with nearly on hundred photographs; many of which are full page. An impressive list of excellent photographers helped the author by sharing their work."
Tidewater Triangle
Chapter devoted to the N&S by Robert J. Yanosey
Trackside Around Norfolk
by Kurt Reisweber, Morning Sun Books, 128 pp. "The intriguing railroading around Norfolk, Virginia is expertly described by the author in this 128 page book. Norfolk is toured through the lens of cameraman Soph Marty in the 1950s and followed up by the work of author Reisweber and others during the 1960s, 70s and 80s."
Trains Rollings
by H.A. McBride (1953) MacMillan, 269 pp. "Descriptions of the operations of various railroads starting with the Pennsylvania, ... Western Maryland, Norfolk Southern, Lehigh Valley, B & O, Virginian, Union Station at Washington, D.C., Bessemer & Lake Erie, Ann Arbor, and railroad operation is Morocco, West Germany, and Spain. Many photos and maps."
Virginia's Belt Line Railroad: The Norfolk & Portsmouth, 1898-1997
by W. Hugh Moomaw, Hallmark Publishing Co., 202 pp. $38.95 NS discussed in interchange movements) Book review here:
Virginian Rails 1953-1993
Includes a look at operations under the Virginian, N&W and Norfolk Southern Railways, the Sewells Point District, Jarratt District, Altavista District, Roanoke Terminal, Whitethorne District, Steam, Diesel & Electric Locos, Princeton-Deepwater District, branchlines and more.